Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pandan Mochi

The simplest way to make snack now is steamed MOCHI. I've been making several flavor and filling. The best I can tell is mochi with nutella filling. ^^

But this time I made Pandan flavor with mungbeans filling.
I didn't plan at first actually so first layer I put is white but I dropped some pandan fragrant still but not green color. Then I was thinking why not having pandan green color for the second layer. So after first layer done, I put some fillings then closed it with green. Steamed again till the dough is firm enough. 

P.S dont forget to spray the cake mold you use with cooking oil. I forgot one mold and its sticky hahah.. lesson learnt!
Always hungry but not in the mood for cooking complicated stuff then mochi is the answer. ^^  

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